Your Sacred Geometry
~ with Kel Rae

Event date: September 09, 2017
Location: London, UK
Venue: Online
Price:  £257
Time: 3 hours with refreshment break
(Note: please allow for overtime due to questions and activities)

Join Kel Rae as she shares her cosmic experiences in meditation (the kundalini, ladder of light, the halo and many more) and how she discovered…

1.  How your own sacred geometric system of energy flow is symbolized by the cross.

2.  How your geometric system forms one algorithm, or song, which is composed from a collection of specific vibrations.

3.  The art of systematically balancing your mind (mentally) and body (somatically) through the deliberate creation of specific thoughts, actions (deeds), and words (speech).

4.  A chart of archetypal images, known as the zodiac, and how they fundamentally refer to specific vibrations that form your algorithm.

5.  And lastly, how your cross relates to the cosmic whole by revealing a direct correspondence to earth, earth’s precession and the galaxy showing a compatible, organic heritage!

If you are a healer, an astrologer, interested in mind body healing, or looking for affirmation of a cosmic-connection, practice, understand, or want to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, interested in teaching others, have a desire to serve but don't know where to go, or want to increase your healing knowledge, interested in the benefits of meditation, or you're already cosmic but want to confirm a few things...then this event is for you! 


Kel Rae was summoned by the Divine in 2009 while she was an executive with a fortune 500 job. She quit her position to enter into full-time meditation out in the Mexican desert. She meditated for about 6 years and experienced Massive Divine Awakening.

She returned to humanity to teach meditation and restore the lost meaning behind an ancient code, a code that we see and know everywhere... this code has the power to heal the mind body through a system of balancing. This system is the Sacred Science of the Circle.

You can read more about her journey here

*Please note: This is 2+ hour event with refreshment breaks

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