The Lodge

The Great Mother Lodge is a place of ancient truths who doctrine lies in spreading mind/ body awareness and health habits for global health and well being. We believe in honoring one another and strive to reach a permanent state of unconditional love, the great inward beauty, to resonate with the highest conscious frequency in the cosmos - also known as the "Goddess" or Great Mother force (deep, compassionate love).

We view each person as a microcosm imprint of the universe and hold a psycho-cosmological model of yin/yang (female/ male) principles to both. This psycho-cosmological model is symbolized by the primordial image of the circle and they are alive within every human body. We evolve as they evolve and we are lead closer to the great ocean of love - the pool of consciousness where all religions meet to drink from.

As we seek to create greater inner and outer harmony in the world within and around us we hold ourselves to a three-fold mission.

  1. To restore ancient knowledge behind the circle to reveal the psycho-cosmological nature through a linear system of universal energy flow which is reflected everywhere into everything as its energy flows moves outward from its central point.
  2. To empower all to follow their own central position by honoring their core (their heart) to arrive at the door of self-empowerment and ultimately unity with their greater self.
  3. And to restore an ancient art of mind/ body healing through a somatic system of balancing that is incorporated with daily yoga for the body, and mediation for the mind.