Our Chaplaincy


Founder and Spiritual Leader, Kel Rae, is a world traveler, artist and Mystic. Kelly originally trained in Asian design and fine arts in southern California and business administration in Canada. She spent much of her first forty years traveling and working. Kel Rae's early mentors were Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, and Carl Jung whose writings, observations and reflections accompanied her around the world. She immersed herself within the mythic imagination of art and religion to ultimately unite with the Divine.

After thirty years of seeking this unity she was guided into meditation, eventually leaving her Fortune 500 career to go into the Mexican desert to go deeper into meditation. Here, in Samedhi meditation, she moved into a great inward journey where she had profound experiences with light and darkness which revealed the holistic pattern of the circle.


Today she brings back ancient knowledge on spirituality, health, earth sciences and the cosmic law of love which governs each life.

This cosmic law directly relates to one ancient symbol - the primordial circle. Understanding the concept of the circle, in a universe of love, brings atonement to the individual by delivering a bridge of cohesiveness to the self and the collective world.

This brings a new way of living in harmony with the earth - the beginning of uniting with the greater, harmonic, all-inclusiveness, cosmic family. Read more about Kelly here

Cofounder and yogi, Paolo Paternostro, has been actively practicing and teaching yoga for over ten years, and brings a wealth of vibratory body movement to the Lodge through voice exercise and yoga. Born in Italy, where all things are mother-centered, he was raised in the rural state of Calabria.

After receiving a masters’ degree in engineering, he moved to London to work for the municipality in transport. During his twelve years of service in London he realized the need to live in harmony with the earth. He felt there was another way, based on love and earth centered - a way that naturally promotes creativity and community-based living.

Paolo first met kelly in 1994 and then reunited with her twenty years later to help deliver the new philosophy and practice of the mind body. Read more about Paolo here

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