Her Circle of Life Energy


The Circle Symbolizes the Primordial Algorithm of Life
Our conscious has a non-linear (abstract) understanding of the circle and we feel an unspoken affinity towards it. The cycle is life-energy moving to attain a greater heights of being, and our entire cosmos is involved in this process on lesser and greater levels.

Nothing within the earth or heavens moves escapes the way of the circle. Within every circle the deep, receptive essence of the universal body controls its movement by allowing or disallowing creation.

We see the circle alive in nature where everything growing upwards from the earth by circling. Looking upwards, the heavens and the planets (our solar system, independently and collectively) move through circling. The sun, and all stars, circle the galactic center moving through this pattern of movement.

On a personal level, everything within the human body circles mimicking this process. Every cell in your body moves its own energy via circling. Brain waves circle (we witness them as spirals), your bones circle in your joints, your blood circles through your heart, and so on - all things circle. This circle is created through a system of alignments. The alignments of the circle form a sacred geometry that energetically creates you!

Cosmically, the circle is the greatest truth of our "being" because it is the one constant, ever-present motion of all things in the heavens, within the earth, and within our bodies. Within the circle, its center contains the incredible power that drives its circular motion.

This central force is a receptive power that directs its motions. Everywhere within everything, the greater circles are make up from smaller circles, and within each and every one of them is a central force that controls it. This force is receptive and it is archetypally described as The Goddess, or Great Mother force who controls all things.