Gold-Ring Meditation with Kel Rae

In 2008 Kel Rae entered into deep Samedhi Meditation without any outward instruction. She allowed her inner voice to guide her as she entered a deep and dark journey that would last years as she because adept enough to connect with the creator and creatrix and know the secrets of the universe through her self-sacrifice and willingness to die again and again...

Though she had many different powerful experiences which include:

  • dancing with the permeability of great cosmic intelligence
  • enlightenment
  • the pouring of light from the pineal gland to create a ladder of light into the heavens
  • the kundalini and inpouring of light
  • connecting to the great light of the creator
  • the final - connecting to the great mother and feeling her incredible universal light
  • And then great, compassionate understanding in her return to the world

She joins us to share her method of mediation, called Gold-Ring, to reach cosmic connection for greater knowledge and understanding.

Join Kel Rae as she relates her experiences to you, teaches you her method, and shares with you the cosmic knowledge that was bestowed to her as she connected time and again to these intelligent forces.

If you are attracted to learn a new method of meditation, or go deep in your current practice, hear her story then join her call to participate in Gold-Ring Meditation.

Gold-Ring Meditation with Kel Rae
Saturday, July 08, 2017
9:00 am - UTC Greenwich Mean Time