Meditation Creates Receptivity


Meditation is older than human life. Even at earthly beginnings all things on the planet meditate - meaning they go into a remission - for twelve hours and then into activity for twelve hours which is a result of the earth's 24-hour cycle. This remission is a centering, a still period of non-activity.

Personally, you know this remission as sleep - which is an archaic form of meditation. Not only do you and all things on the planet go into remission, but animals even regularly meditate during periods of the active day as well. We see this when we witness the cat sitting very still yet she is awake, or a gecko "sitting" very still in the sun with eyes closed. They are rejuvenating, re-centering through non-activity which is instilled by a quiet mind and body.

Meditation is considered spiritual, and yet all of life is spiritual - physical life is the evolution of spirit. It is the spirit that animates what we know as life - hence the word, "spirited". Without even archaic forms of meditation there would be no rejuvenation for the physical body in order for the spirit to move through life easily. Deliberately creating receptivity is necessary.

Meditation is a Receptive (Loving) Vibration
Meditation is a receptive vibration, meaning it is an inward moving - receptive - force. Meditation is a receptive vibration that softens resistance (tension) to allow for a better life experience. Meditation has the power to eradicate illness by connecting to the body in order to bring peace and relaxation to the ever-busy mind. Meditation brings a higher connection that restores and reunites wholeness between the body and mind through resetting the body's natural rhythms (bio rhythms which are influenced by circadian rhythms) which repair and rejuvenate the connections within your body.

Regular meditation enables greater human potential, broadens the capacity to compassionately love, be happy, and fearlessly experience life joyously regardless of circumstance.

Origin of the Word - "Meditation"
Etymology of the word meditation stems from two Latin words, mederi and meditari. The yin or feminine energy comes from the Latin word mederi meaning to heal (love). Meditari comes from Latin meaning masculine or yang energy and it translates to "think, dwell upon and exercise the mind" and this is the focus (concentration).

Meditation is the combination of these two forces which bring the mind towards the soft vibrations of compassion love that replenish the body and refresh the mind.

Sympathetic Vibration Meditation
Sympathetic vibration is a new-age name dubbed by vibrational physicists to describe the receptive, feminine force (mederi) within the universe - which exist both outside and within all things. They have equated the feeling of "being-in-sympathy" to illustrate the movement of these vibrations.

Both outside and inside of us, these vibrations hold things together and we understand these energy-motions daily as the feelings of love, compassion, kindness and gentility. These soft vibrations carry the power to repair, and they are bridge builders that allow energy to flow freely whether it is repairing a friendship or repairing a body.

These vibrations, which are generally unrecognized by us, are at the very core of life. Great Mother Lodge offers Sympathetic Vibration Meditation which is a specific, unique meditation that deliberately amps up the power of compassionate love to stimulate energy flow through the heart by focusing on deep compassion in order to rejuvenate the body. SV Meditation is similar to the Buddhi's Compassionate Meditation.

The result of Sympathetic Vibration Meditation is a refreshment of life, inner-peace, deeper ability to comprehend, a lack resistance in the way life moves, mind/body healing, move love for the self and others and eventually the arrival of the great spiritual secrets behind life. Meditate with your focus on love to improve your life experience.