Mind Body Healing


Mind body healing has been around for a long time and spoken about in recent years by people such as Napoleon Hill, Neuro Linguistic programmers Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins and more but it actually dates back centuries to Buddhism, and other religions, and even further still - all the way back to Egypt and ancient India. Healing with mind is an ancient practice.

Mind body healing begins with understanding communications between the mind and body. The human body is an organic, balanced ecosystem held together by two complimentary forces referred to as body and mind. The body is receptive and it provides feeling. The mind is active and it creates activity. These two complimentary forces bond together to create you.

There is a natural ebb and flow to your mind/ body collaboration. The way your mind and body work together is that your thoughts create energetic movement (both physical and mental) which must be in harmony with how you feel in order for your body to function properly.

When the movement of your mind is not in harmony with the deeper knowing of your body then you experience illness. Illness is your body telling you that there is a disagreement. So your thoughts, which are active mind, have a direct link to your health. Harmonious thoughts allow the mind to follow the body. Negative thoughts resist natural energy flow which cause blocks (aka: illness.)

Your mind is located throughout your entire being and it creates thoughts which form vibrations that create feelings in your body and feelings can create thoughts in a two-way street of movement.

Your mind is located throughout your entire being and it creates thoughts which form vibrations which create feelings in your body. Vibrations of how you feel affect the natural vibrations of the organs as they process energy. Different thoughts store themselves in different regions of your body. So, while some areas of your body may be strong, others may be weak due to the negative thoughts stored there. The good news is that you can heal and strengthen your body through mind body healing...