Consciousness of a Great Mother


Consciousness is a difficult subject to speak of. The easiest way to describe states of consciousness is through using metaphors which can convey the inexplicable. In terms of metaphors I turn to basic archetypes to implicate different vibratory states of consciousness.

The Great Mother is an archetype that personifies the highest, most compassionate vibration of (invisible) consciousness within the universe. The Spirit of the Great Mother, known by many names, metaphorically represents the mysterious life-providing force from which we pour forth from that exists within and around all things. Early cultures recognized this Source as fitting the archetype of a 'Great Mother' due to its ability to perpetuation existence, along with its emotional traits of compassion, beauty, harmony, love, sharing and service which manifests in various ways within all that is.

Her loving essence creates harmony as it renews nature, alleviates death through rebirth and pilots individual direction by moving all inwardly through feeling towards a joyous expression of life.