The Power of Receptivity


Since earthly beginnings all things on the planet experience receptivity - meaning they go into a remission. This is due to the earth's 24-hour cycle. All things on the planet are involved in a cycle that moves them move into a remission for twelve hours and then back into activity for twelve hours.

While we understand the waking, active part of our consciousness as we move throughout our day, we generally overlook the deep, receptive nature of our being which holds, restores  and nurtures everything into alignment. The receptive force is the very force that directs the activity during our days.

We know our twelve hour remission as sleep, but this is not the only time we experience receptivity. We experience receptivity moment-to-moment as we blink, or pause, as we relax, and our own heart experiences a remission, and then activity, in order to create a "heart-beat". Receptivity is what allows life to occur.

Within the universe exists tiny, invisible vibrations which enable life to occur. These vibrations are receptive and they connect mental (active) vibrations to one another through their ability to harmonize. In other words, they are the glue that allows the formation of things, creation - which you know as life, to occur.

Life is the result of being malleable or at ease. These vibrations are coined by vibrational physicists as sympathetic vibrations (to be "in sympathy") and, in a world of feeling, we would recognize these vibrations as compassionate love. Sympathetic vibrations (aka: love) are the great receptive force which forms the bonds which hold your body together - you are literally held together by love!

A Lack of Receptivity Manifests as Illness
Disharmony occurs when the receptive bonds of love in your body break. This is known to you as illness. Illness is caused by stress, a lack of receptivity - an unwillingness to love (to allow).

You have the power to balance your mind body back into allowing through mind body practices such as meditation, yoga, and healing through mind. Regular mind Body practice is a commitment to yourself which over time brings happiness and joy.