Your Body Holds Sacred Geometry


Bodies of Consciousness
Within the universal body of the Great Mother lies the bodies of stars which exist in a specific pattern as they circle her galactic center. These stars create a sacred patterning that can be viewed as the Divine Creator or active male force.

The receptive body of the Great Mother (the intelligence which exists in space/ darkness) and her male consort (the active principle that forms the starry web) is reflected into all bodies, including the human body. These two forces, female/ male, make up the universal body which exists as a collective of bodies of consciousness in an interrelated family of associations that form the ‘one being’ that we refer to as the universe.

Your Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry denotes sacred meanings to the alignments that form geometric shapes and proportions that are reflected in nature. This geometry is used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles. It is our Divine Mother who ascribes the geometry of the world and the cosmos through her receptive force which embodies and directs this geometry. Each of us is a microcosm of this macrocosmic design. The human is a mirrored image of her universal body, which carries a mini version of the mental geometric design that exists within her.

Your Body, or "soma"
We refer to the darkness of the receptive body as soma ("soma" comes from the Greek σῶμα, meaning "body".) Here are stored all the experiences you've had in life along with your reactions to them. You can refer to this as body experience which is understood holistically, and exists as part of a larger context where experience can become meaningful or hindering as the active mind engages or disengages with these memories.

Working with the experiences of the body mind, through an ancient system of balancing, can recreate good mental health and improve the functioning of the body.
The sacred alignments within your body create a geometry within your body which reveals a cross. These alignments allow energy (energy-in-motion = e-motion) to flow through your body. The images of the zodiac metaphorically communicate the cosmic rhythms contained in your emotional cross which naturally move energy through your body via mental alignments which create and expand your collective "being" that you refer to as “I”.

When these rhythms are disturbed, illness is the result. The zodiac was used by ancient medicine men to heal the mind and body through a system of re-balancing these rhythms back into an integrated harmony.