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The Great Mother and Her Sacred Circle
The Emotional, Sacred Geometry of YOU!

Event date: July 7th, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Airport Circle
Time: 6pm to 10pm (Note: please allow for overtime due to questions and activities)

This event will detail:

  • How sacred geometry creates your entire body
  • The specific alignments that each of your main organs daily makes
  • How each organ aligns and connects to your emotions
  • How you control the power behind these alignments
  • How to heal and self-manage your health
  • How to meditate with love

Discover how each of your organs belong to a system of alignments where are described emotionally by a chart that our ingenious and intuitive ancestors fabricated. Learn how to heal and self-manage your health through tending to these alignments through the art of vibrational balancing using your mind and body.
(See video below)

You will leave with an understanding on how to direct your own inner algorithm and create a resonance that can drastically alter your attraction and detraction (magnetics) from the universe.

You will learn the vibrational mechanics of how you can heal and empower yourself through understanding the sacred geometry that lies within you. Become intimate with your own inner architecture to heal and recondition your mind and body by way of your emotional system and the chart of zodiacs. (Please Note: this lecture is not about astrology.)

See how the receptive force, The Goddess/ Divine Mother essence, controls the entire universe, and how this force governs our being and how to use it to heal and create peace.

You will see clearly your own Divinity in a linear way and understand a connectiveness to all things as never before!

*Event includes interactive exercises and meditations

(Registration opening soon!)