Your Body holds a Code


The body houses the mind. The mind desires an experience and seeks to find it. When the mind cannot find it, it becomes dejected and its beliefs are displayed by the body first through behavior and then, over time, reflecting its beliefs into the flesh of the body producing illness.

Happiness is our natural state of being. In terms of illness, the mind body can be balanced back into happiness (receptivity) through realigning the mind with positive thoughts, but the body can also be utilized to bring good health back to the individual. This is done by deliberately balancing the mind and the body. Mind and body are two sides of the same coin yet they work in opposite ways...

The Mind Body is an Intelligent, Organized System
The body has its own intelligence system that works on feeling and movement. This is very useful in terms of illness as one can observe that when an individual is uncertain of the mental aspects behind their illness, he or she will be drawn to certain dances, foods or other stimulating events that can bring it into balance - back into alignment with the whole of being.

This is the non-thinking ability of the intelligent body, it can direct the spirit back to alignment through drawing it towards the proper stimulation that will revitalize it back into wellness. This is the mystery of the intelligence behind feeling, also known as intuition, which always directs the being towards wholeness and well being.

Your body is receptive and it naturally receives, holds and organizes all the information moving through you. This information can be appealed to mentally or metaphorically through stimulus - such as the arts, activities, exercise like yoga, and meditative practices. Within the organization of your body exists a mental code that, when utilized, can help your conscious mind balance itself back into receptive alignment with the body.